I always like personalized gifts.  I think that’s because I had a name that was spelled unusual and nothing ever seemed to be personalized with my name on it.  There’s something about having an item with your name on it that makes it even more special than the rest, just because it’s for you!


Several years ago, I bought a sewing machine sized embroidery machine.  When my friends would have a baby, I loved to show up hours after the birth with a blanket that had the child’s full name, date of birth and weight and length on it.  That’s where this all began!  I went to a trade show to learn more about the commercial types of embroidery machines and the more I learned, the more I understood that it was going to cost me a lot more than I was able to invest.  I was heartbroken.  My small machine was inconsistent and unreliable and I needed something more and wanted to do it more as a business than gifts.  That’s when my step mom gave me the name and number to the daughter of a friend of theirs.  She had been in the business for a while and had grown to be quite successful.  I didn’t get to speak with her long but the one thing I took away from her was “get a good quality heat press and a vinyl cutter.”  So I did, and through learning curves and challenges, I have learned to use them on my own and create fun and custom designs for my friends, my family and my customers. 


My next goal was custom designs in rhinestone.  I love to see someone with a rhinestone tee on with a unique design.  So some designs I make, some I pay others to make, regardless, I love when people are sorting through my designs at a show and giggle and share them with their friends.  If it makes them smile, then I have succeeded. 

So here I am, working full time, going back to school part time to get the degree I never made time for and trying to start a small comfortable business doing something I enjoy.  I have amazing support from my husband who designs and maintains my website and always have a dog nearby.  Life is good, but busy! 


Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope my designs make you smile, but if you have your own idea, send me an email and see if I can personalize your life, one shirt at a time.